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Friday, November 14, 2014

Shakedown Legislator: Public Money Not Available To Businesses Donating To Republicans

Sorry to bring you here under a false pretense. You know that's not my style, but this episode has been so well covered by Wisconsin bloggers and news outlets that it seemed fair game to change a name in the original story to consider "what if" the shoe was on the other foot.

The true story revolves around Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos(R) recent comments about the real possibility that public money might not be available to the Milwaukee Bucks for a new arena simply because its owners have donated to democratic candidates and because one of the team's new owners did something double unforgivable in the assembly speaker's eyes. He welcomed the President of the United States in Milwaukee during the Burke election campaign. Excerpt:
"As I said this week, having one of the Bucks new owners go and greet Barack Obama on the tarmac in the middle of the Mary Burke campaign probably wasn’t the wisest decision," Vos said Sunday on "Up Front with Mike Gousha."

God forbid ... Vos added that greeting the American president on Fitzwalkerstan soil amounts to ...a poke in the eye. Excerpt:
So they’ve got to be a lot smarter with their technique. I mean, I want to bring those jobs and keep them in Wisconsin, but having us give hundreds of millions of dollars to big-time donors who give to Democrats, but also have billions of dollars of their own? That’s a hard sell.

For surrre. A "smarter" technique would be to give millions of dollars to republicans if you expect a republican-majority state legislature to seriously consider legislation that might benefit your project. In fact the new Wisconsin Attorney General, Brad Schimel, said he believes that technique is the essence of representative government.

Hey don't blame me, I didn't vote for any of these crooks.

But just consider what the editorial staff of the Janesville Gazette would do if a democratic-leaning county board member or Janesville city council member suggested that using TIF surplus cash or taxpayer funded "incentives" for any local businesses that donate to republican candidates or their causes - would be a hard sell and likely chill support for the proposal.

God forbid ...


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