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Friday, October 17, 2014

Walker: "Property Taxes Went Down." Renters, What Say You?

Here's an interesting link sent in from Facebook friend E.B.

JS Online Politifact Excerpt:
When Walker claimed that his various income and property tax cuts amount to $322 in the 2014 tax year for the average family, our rating was Mostly True. That comes to about $27 per month.

We found that the income and property tax cuts would save the median-income family at least that much in 2014, although not every average family would save that much, particularly if they are not property owners.

Just to state the obvious here, if they're not property owners, they are renters.

In an unrelated story that seems to show the property tax "pass down" theory is indeed a one way street, Janesville Council Member Douglas Marklein recently said that if Janesville voters approve of a property tax increase referendum this November, he intends on passing down the increase to his renters by raising their rent. He said any smart landlord would do the same.

We know those "tax savings" figures are a bunch of political hooey, but for the sake of staying on a positive note here, we should ask renters (many are low income, but not all) if they enjoyed a rent reduction of about $30 (or $20) a month this year. If not - why not?

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