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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Federal Judge Blocks State Campaign Coordination Laws From Being Enforced

We knew this was coming after it was reported less than two weeks ago Citizens For Responsible Government Advocates filed suit to have the Wisconsin state law Scott Walker and conservative groups are accused of violating struck down and/or suspended.

As expected, Federal Judge Rudolf Randa came to their rescue.

JS Online Excerpt:
Madison — U.S. District Judge Rudolph Randa on Tuesday barred state election officials and Milwaukee's top prosecutor from enforcing their interpretation of campaign finance laws limiting the ability of candidates and purportedly independent groups from collaborating.

Besides acting like thought police by prohibiting prevailing interpretation of laws, Judge Randa was not shy about stating how important it is to exempt these groups from the state law since the election is only three weeks away.

AP Excerpt:
Randa, in agreeing to temporarily block enforcement of the law, said that time was of the essence with the election just three weeks away. Walker is in a tight race for re-election against Democrat Mary Burke. [...] "Any further delay threatens to negate the effectiveness of CRG's requested relief," Randa wrote of the group.

That's bold.

Up until this ruling, the state law in question was active and enforceable and is the law used as the basis for the John Doe investigation into Walker's 2012 recall campaign. This also happens to be the same law Randa previously attempted to negate when he admitted it had been cleverly circumvented by Walker and his support groups.

The double irony here is many conservatives, in their convoluted effort to pretend like Walker did not break the law, have claimed that the law Randa has now suspended doesn't prohibit issue advocacy coordination, yet they sued to have the law from being enforced.

The moral of this story continues to offend.

Don't like a particular law? Just get it struck down or disabled long enough to do your dirty deeds. Raw power in all its glory.


PR Watch - Randa Redux: Federal Judge OK's Dark Money Coordination in WI <-- by Brendan Fischer

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