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Friday, October 03, 2014

Conservative Group Wants the Law Walker Broke Struck Down

This is somewhat hilarious.

At least one "conservative" group, the Citizens for Responsible Government, oh, I almost forgot they added "Advocates" to their name so they are now "many," filed a federal lawsuit asking that a Wisconsin law limiting coordination between third-party organizations and political candidates be declared unconstitutional.

But, what law is that? Scott Walker has repeatedly claimed he did nothing wrong and that judges have cleared him of any wrong doing. Although it should be noted a gavel never came down clearing Walker of anything, simply because he hasn't been charged yet. It can't possibly be these judges have erroneously "cleared" Walker based on active state laws he knowingly broke? Can it?

Star Tribune Excerpt:
The issue of what constitutes illegal coordination between issue-advocacy groups and candidates is at the center of an investigation into Walker's 2012 campaign and more than two dozen conservative groups.

Truth is, this lawsuit flies in the face of previous witch hunt accusations by Walker and his flacks and is an admittance by the groups that state prosecutors are indeed following constitutional state laws as duty bound, and not partisan politics.

Simply put, Scott Walker broke the law. They know it. We know it.

Unfortunately, the Club For Growth's hip-pocket Judge Rudolph (law breaking should be commended) Randa has been assigned to handle this new lawsuit challenging the campaign coordination law. How Randa keeps getting these cases is beyond me.


JS Online - Scott Walker, allies knew prevailing interpretation of state law


Anonymous said...

O'Keefe of WCFG claims that Chisholm is conducting a vendetta against him and his organization and is demanding a special prosecutor be appointed. I think Chisholm should oblige O'Keefe and do just that. A special prosecutor could examine Chisholm's evidence and share the essence of that evidence with the public to let us all decide if it's a witch hunt or if indeed Wisconsin's campaign laws were broken by Walker and his associates!

Lou Kaye said...

Schmitz (said he voted for Walker) was a special prosecutor assigned to the case. Apparently, that didn't go so well. None of the State's Supreme Court appears anxious to touch it either.

This latest suit however seems to be an acknowledgment by the groups that they think state laws were broken given the prevailing interpretation of those laws. But they made it a mess - intentionally.

I think the groups screwed up bringing the partisan angle into their defense. IF they really really truly believed from the beginning they are within legal bounds, they would have attacked the laws and not the prosecutors - this way too, the State Supreme court would have been able to handle the case without their decision being under additional political scrutiny. I think It would nearly impossible to prove the prosecutors are on witch hunt with prevailing interpretations of the laws in their favor. The burden for witch hunt proof is on the groups - not the state. IMO

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