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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

State Transportation Fund Referendum Could Create Road Lobby Budget Supremacy

Do you know on the November ballot there is a referendum question asking Wisconsin voters to change the state constitution to make it illegal to use transportation fee and tax revenues to repair state budget issues, but does nothing to protect other state programs including the state's general fund from raids by transportation?

Although there have been no "raids" on transportation funds in the state's current budget, a DOT report shows that the reverse is already in progress. The 2013-15 Biennial Budget Act 20 legislated approval for the Department of Transportation to raid the state general fund of $107.5 million to meet DOT spending obligations.

If the referendum becomes law, and it certainly looks like it will, it is very possible that the demands from DOT bureaucrats and road lobbyists will reign supreme in state legislative budget decisions.

Crony capitalists always win.

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