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Saturday, September 06, 2014

MKE Journal Sentinel: Investigation Into Gov. Scott Walker's Campaign Must Continue

I was pleasantly surprised when I opened a JS story linked by my friends on the #WIunion hash tag. I figured it's probably just another weakly critical and apologetic editorial from the MKE Sentinel Journal on Gov. Scott Walker, given the title relating to the John Doe investigations into his office activities. But not this time.

Titled, John Doe investigation of Gov. Scott Walker's campaign must continue, the editorial offers little new insight into the scandal for those who have been following it closely. But what they do present is a very good synopsis of the investigations up to this point in time while supplying known facts that contradict Walker's history and rhetoric to the reality. That they do this without making direct accusations or throwing red meat out adds credibility to their reasoning.

Editorial Excerpt:
Under state law, prosecutors had reason to suspect the activities of the Walker campaign and the Wisconsin Club for Growth. This was not, in the words of the governor and his allies, a "witch hunt." It was a legitimate state investigation aimed at learning the truth.

After reading their editorial, voters still sitting on the fence should begin wondering why folks who publicly claim they are wrongly accused or victims of a witch hunt continue to stonewall the release of evidence. That doesn't make sense.

So far, each passing release of investigative documents, emails and case files failed to show any exculpatory evidence exonerating Scott Walker or his political campaign allies. There is no reason to expect such evidence even exists. To the contrary, each new shovel full of evidence just buries them deeper into a hole of public opinion, a court filled with more accusations of wrongdoing and unanswered questions.

At the same time, prosecutors also want what may be possibly the most damning evidence of all to remain sealed in hopes of restarting the John Doe or to lay down the groundwork for a grand jury.

Either way, the investigation must be allowed to continue if justice is to be served.

A must read! --> John Doe investigation of Gov. Scott Walker's campaign must continue


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