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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Wisconsin Republicans Swap Roles, Pimp Lobbyists


Just when you thought Wisconsin republicans couldn't get any lower, they find a new tunnel to excavate under the gutter.

According to this MKE Journal Sentinel story, Wisconsin Assembly Leader Robin Vos, decided it was time to shake down lobbyists so they can personally pay back politicians who have willingly sold out our legislative offices for client donations.

JS Online Excerpt
For years, Madison pols have been asking lobbyists to hit up their clients and company execs for donations. But starting in June, Vos and the Assembly Republican leaders began calling in and contacting lobbyists one by one to say they were each on the hook for at least $500.

Consider the fact that that story is from last year and how little press it received throughout Wisconsin. But now there's a new twist. Boss Vos and other assembly republicans also want lobbyists to take to the streets, start knocking on doors and pimp republicans to voters. Honest.

JS Online Excerpt:
Madison — Republican leaders in the Assembly are urging lobbyists to help them knock on voters' doors in an effort to strengthen their majority.

They've dubbed the effort "Leggiepalooza."

Rep. Jim Steineke (R-Kaukauna) this summer has regularly emailed supporters to tell them when and where to meet for the door-knocking program, and already some lobbyists representing key industries are participating.

Strengthen their majority? They hold a solid gerrymander fortified 60 - 39 majority in the assembly. Is this what assembly leaders are focused on? Wouldn't LOLpalooza have been a more fitting name?

But seriously, where is all this headed?

Here in Janesville and Rock County, the local media including democrats went nuts on then-Rep. Mike Sheridan when they discovered he was merely dating a lobbyist. Some political observers believe voters continued to harbor those feelings against the former assembly leader, preventing him from winning the recent democratic primary for the state senate.

Now we have this from state republicans? The additional problem with this new system of influence peddling is, we can no longer tell the difference between the pimp and the prostitute.

Why isn't it getting much more attention in the press?

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