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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

BTC Referendum Falls Victim To Walker Divide and Conquer Budgeting

As you probably know by now, the Blackhawk technical college referendum asking local taxpayers for an additional $4 million annually failed with a 60/40 margin. Some people tend to think that its failure came about from the fear knowing that without a sunset clause, the tax hike could remain into perpetuity. No doubt that weighed heavily on voters.

But I contend that more well-informed voters understand both the media and political dynamics that are at play.

Clearly, with GOP single-party rule controlling every facet of Wisconsin government, there is no point for locals to resist the decline in schools, roads, infrastructure or the general quality of life, because for every dollar we might be willing to dedicate to our little neck of the woods - they can extract to replenish for funding the expansion of their tax cut strangle-hold. Any local effort to restore the revenue, feeds their circular continuum of capital extraction to balance their budget without raising taxes. Resistance is futile until we can restore at least one viable opposing political force to their agenda in state government.

Regardless of any local funding attempts, local taxpayers and voters are expected to lose all control of their technical colleges as the central state powers continue to move "forward" with their right-wing agenda. The tech colleges will fall under full corporate control for employee training, but paid for with public taxpayer dollars. Local road funding is up next to face the same divide and conquer dynamics with public utilities, buildings and property expected to follow.

Decline is imminent.

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Anonymous said...

Saw Diane H. going in to vote when I was walking out. Maybe if she didn't get a tax break BTC wouldn't have any shortfalls. You are right by the way, the tech schools are becoming just cheap labor training centers for Corporate America.

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