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Monday, July 14, 2014

It's Baaaack. Tax Hike Into Perpetuity Referendum For BTC

Hey, don't blame me folks ...I did not vote for Scott Walker.

According to the Janesville Gazette, Beloit business chambers fully support the Blackhawk Technical College August referendum asking Rock County voters to exceed the school's levy limit by $4 million annually. No surprise.

The Gazette newspaper does a nice job playing clean up hitter for the Walker ballbat team. They've got it all lined up in favor of the referendum where practically your taxes will be decreasing if the referendum is approved. Of course none of this surprises me since the area business chambers, including the tax-shifting and spend group Forward Janesville and the Rock County 5.0 got their billion dollar road builders plum, deep income tax cuts to the top and transferable tax credits thereby shifting a greater burden onto those who can least afford.

In other words, "they got theirs." Did you get yours?

But did you notice there weren't referendums for any of that. For the "special" people, it only takes some lobbying on their part with career state bureaucrats and sold-out legislators to work a deal for their wants and needs. Who's representing us, the people, at the table? Kinda' like ...nobody.

Just a reminder folks, keep in mind these "business groups" are the people who supported Scott Walker and his deep cuts to education INCLUDING deep cuts to the state's technical colleges. Their allies also wrote editorials ripping into defenders of maintaining state aid for local roads. But you can bet Forward Janesville, the Gazette and the rest of their redistributive pals will support the BTC tax referendum AND the expected Forward Janesville road tax hike referendum. It's almost funny how these business organizations fought for every little tax cut for themselves, but now lead the way for substantial tax hikes on everybody else.

In fact, some the most recent stories coming from the Janesville city administration and the Gazette almost seem like straw man spending sprees so ridiculous that the only way to justify them is to assume they're psychologically designed to spur residents into supporting their more docile tax hiking referendums.

It's like, "Hey, let's plan to build an elevated Jetson's style gold-plated hi-speed bullet transport around Janesville so we can avoid the downtown area like they do in Milton, right after we build our $9 million fire station." Awww, nawwww. That's not a very good idea. You crazy liberals love spending other people's money, they'd say. The least we can do is take some responsibility and tax ourselves again to fix our roads and fund our technical college. Support those tax hike referendums and stand with Gov. Scott Walker.

See what I mean? *facepalm*

The point is, they (corporate collectivists) desperately want the BTC perpetual tax hike and road tax referendums to be approved and yet, these folks will vote again in November for the guy who literally cut billions away from those same roads and schools and throws nickels back like they're manhole covers.

Why? Because they already "got theirs." Did you get yours?

Of honorable mention is the list of reasons given by the Beloit Chambers for supporting the BTC perpetual tax referendum. With a little substitution, it reads like a list of reasons why no one should ever vote for Scott Walker. Here's one ...

JG Excerpt:
The groups believe the referendum would lead to an increase in the quality of life in the area by lowering health care costs, lowering the crime rate, increasing the productivity of citizens and keeping vital education affordable to the workforce in the region.

Gee. Why not claim approving the referendum will bring about the fountain of youth and turn coal into gold while you're at it?

But conversely, what they're saying is Walker's "reforms" cutting state aid from education decreased the quality of life in the area, raised the crime rate, decreased productivity and made vital education unaffordable to the workforce in the area.

Did they say or hint at that before about Scott Walker when he was cutting education? Not that I know of. Only you can prevent the sky from falling - not Scott Walker, seems to be the message.

You might not agree with me on this, but I'm convinced those who supported Gov. Scott Walker and simultaneously promote and support local tax hiking referendums to fund the same public institutions he cut from are being disingenuous, if not outright dishonest. Until I see those organizations and their key membership completely rebuke Walker and his wrong-headed reforms, I will be in total opposition to those referendums they support.


RNR - Blackhawk Technical Seeking Ability To Increase Taxes Into Perpetuity (Dec. 2013)

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Thx for posting that. Nothing can stop them. They want it all and they'll get it all.

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