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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Was Walker Thinking About His Settlement Talks When He Said The Case Is Resolved?

Did Scott Walker let a cat out of the bag when he said the case is resolved? Was he thinking instead about those controversial settlement talks with prosecutors when he spoke? Just food for thought here.

Remember, Walker and his attorney were in settlement talks with prosecutors only weeks before. That discovery prompted an anonymous source privy to the case to post an editorial in the Wall Street Journal blistering Walker and basically claiming that he was preparing to sell out his campaign support groups for concessions. But, what material evidence was Walker bargaining for from the prosecutors? Was it Thursday's document dump of evidence placing him at the center of criminal operations? Perhaps.

Remember too, that the evidence released on Thursday is only a small part of the evidence Judge Rudolf Randa wanted immediately destroyed.

With yet more evidence remaining under seal, Walker still has more chips to bargain for, but Thursday's release was the very first from the case to name Walker explicitly as the central figure. To a politician such as Walker whose career is built on faux imaging and media manipulation, that revelation (center of a criminal scheme) had ransom value ONLY because it carried huge public perception value for Scott Walker. But that bargaining chip is now gone.

So after the WSJ editorial, it can be assumed Walker and his attorney "resolved" the issue by backing away from settlement talks and deciding to "take one" for his big-moneyed base by letting the prosecutor's case run through its natural, albeit, now maginalized course.

The only thing left for Walker to do now is falsely and repeatedly slam the prosecution as politically motivated Democrats, destabilize the reporting media as willing accomplices to their political attack, and conflate those faux narratives into an invisible Goliath he "will not back down" from.

And hope it sells.

Walker is in DefCon One damage control, but this is his "victim card" modus operandi he has used throughout his career with much success.

Of course this is conjecture on my part, but none of it here takes away anything from the fact that Scott Walker is an elected official who owes voters an explanation for his role in the avalanche of evidence presented in both John Doe investigations, judges rulings notwithstanding.

To that end, Wisconsin is still waiting for him to come clean.


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