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Friday, May 16, 2014

Video: Janesville Forum On Raising the Minimum Wage

Carlos Miranda (originally from Janesville) standing in for Patrick Hickey from the Workers' Rights Center of Madison talks about what is being done to combat wage theft and worker exploitation. He also urges residents to support local advisory referendums on raising the minimum wage.

Part 1: Watch Carlos Miranda from the Workers' Rights Center of Madison

Next up, Rep. Corey Mason (Racine) begins his presentation by connecting the dots about why raising the minimum wage is not only good for the worker, but also great for the economy. Mason by the way, has introduced legislation with Robert Wirch of Somers, Nikiya Harris of Milwaukee and Eric Genrich of Green Bay to gradually raise the state minimum to $10.10 wage.

Mason's bill, Wisconsin’s Fair Minimum Wage Act, has attracted 46 legislative cosponsors - 34 State Representatives and 12 State Senators. It is notable that despite polls showing wide public support to raise the wage, no Wisconsin republicans have signed on to cosponsor this legislation.

To watch Rep. Corey Mason on Raising the Minimum Wage, click here.

Thanks to vckstr89 for recording and posting these videos.

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