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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Scott Walker Burns Friends While Seeking Face-Saving Deal In John Doe

This most recent episode started when the conservative shill, The Wall Street Journal, put whatever little integrity they have left on the line in an unsigned anonymously-sourced written editorial claiming Gov. Scott Walker, through his attorney, was seeking a deal with prosecutors to make the John Doe investigation ...go away.

Key segments from the editorial ...

WSJ Editorial Excerpts:
"We've learned that Steven Biskupic, who represents Friends of Scott Walker, has been negotiating with Wisconsin special prosecutor Francis Schmitz to settle the state's investigation.

The understandable concern among the direct targets of the John Doe is that Mr. Biskupic will cut a deal that would exonerate Mr. Walker while wresting concessions from some of Mr. Walker's allies," the editorial reads. "...Sounds like Mr. Walker has to decide whose side he's on — his own, or the larger principles he claims to represent."

Ensuing reports related to the WSJ storyline confirmed that Walker is indeed in some sort of settlement talks with prosecutors. Special prosecutor Francis Schmitz has since filed a motion with Judge Randa seeking clarification of his injunction, saying they wanted to confirm they were free to engage in settlement talks. That is the smoking gun that settlement talks have at least been initiated.

In the meantime, friends of Scott Walker, primarily the lawyered-up Club For Growth, are blowing a gasket and now threatening the prosecutors with contempt action if they proceed with settlement talks. Adding fuel to the fire is Scott Walker, not the prosecutors, who is offering concessions in the deal that could force the right-wing groups to drop their dubious suit.

Still, I can't get the notion out of my mind that all of this looks staged.

What is real is Walker happens to be the kingpin of suspected illegal operations in both John Doe investigations. To be further clear, and this is important, Scott Walker is a potential defendant in what is now a suspended criminal investigation - not a plaintiff in some phony free speech lawsuit.

Walker of course is absolutely DESPERATE to distance himself from the John Doe criminal investigations.

The funny thing is how Walker supporters and his media enablers try to reverse-spin, claiming it's the prosecutors making an attempt to "save face." If that were true, leaked information to the Wall Street Journal would have described prosecutors offering concessions - not Scott Walker. In addition, if that was true, the prosecutors would have been offering concessions to the right-wing groups - the plaintiffs - NOT to a potential defendant in a separate but related case. That's not going on according to the WSJ editorial.

Put it this way, IF the Wall Street Journal editorial was meant to prove prosecutors are trying to save face as Walker's tools contend, the WSJ did a lousy job all around.

Now the latest out from "Friends of Scott Walker" have them flailing yet again. Walker's support group is now saying because Gov. Walker isn’t a party to a federal lawsuit, there is no legal standing for Walker or his campaign committee to reach a settlement. Absolutely true. But no one is asking the question about a settlement in the federal lawsuit. The question is whether Walker is talking of a settlement to detach him from the entrails of the John Doe 2 criminal investigation.

We can expect plenty of damage control and spin from Walker's team on this one. But speak up! We don't want to be accused of trying to suppress conservative free speech.


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