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Thursday, April 03, 2014

Walker Signs Crony Class Kickback Bill In Janesville

This is one of the bills (SB449) Gov. Walker's local donor club, Forward Janesville, and their media tools at the Janesville Gazette campaigned for over the past few years. The Gazette, for their part, published at least six maybe seven promotional articles dedicated to its passage with at least two articles demonizing and labeling opponents of the dubious bill as anti-jobs and anti-business.

I of course have written several times of my opposition here about this "tax transfer" charade. But the bill passed unanimously 100-0 or whatever in the state's legislature. bravo

This is a bill that in the end sets up procedural gimmicks to allow profitable businesses for no other reason than being a crony of another business that qualified for tax credits but did not file enough profits to claim the credits, to stake a collectivist claim from a dedicated pot of unclaimed tax revenue. You read that right.

In this case, the dedicated pot is a 3-year $15 million slush fund. It's like saying, "there's free money on the table ...somebody please come and get it!"

Except, that "somebody" is not just anybody. It's only for a few select members of the Big Club.

Outside of the fact that the bill's intention is to reward an entity that created zero new jobs, one of the strangest things about the "free market small government conservatives" promoting the bill including Walker who signed it, is that the bill under the guise of job creation, requires a larger (not smaller) role for government and abstracts of collectivism to coerce businesses and the free market to act or behave in a conforming way. But ...that's IF and only if the credit indeed worked and played a role in creating jobs, which of course it does not.

Most folks would call sponsors of this bill "statists" for the perceived government meddling in the free markets. But in truth, the bill pretends government is acting to create jobs and simply maintains a status quo to allow special people (crony collectivists) to double-dip into the state treasury for free money. Yet, they're called job creators. Go figure.

Walker signed this bill at the Forward Janesville office in Janesville soon after he returned from participating in the Las Vegas Sheldon Adelson Primary.

You can read the local propaganda version here.

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