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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Local Walker Cartel Gear Up To Provide "Cover" For Political Cronies

On the news that state taxpayers can expect huge deficits ballooning in the near future seeded by Gov. Walker's re-election-deferred $700 million shortfall in the next biennial budget, Walker's local business cartel, Forward Janesville, is now preparing to provide "cover" for politicians who are willing to step up and provide intravenous feeding (higher taxes and new tax mechanisms) for their interstate expansion donor club.

At least that's how it's spelled out in this recent editorial by Forward Janesville's media tool, the Janesville Gazette.

JG Editorial Excerpt:
Cunningham is right to suggest repealing gas tax indexing was a terrible mistake. No funding option is perfect, he notes, and Forward Janesville is working on recommendations.

I'll bet they are working on funding "recommendations" day and night.

JG Editorial Excerpt:
“The choices are all lousy,” Cunningham admits. “However, we’ve got to come around to a point of view that sometimes it’s OK to pay for this sort of stuff. One way I’m interested in is giving a little bit of cover to lawmakers who are willing to step up and make some tough choices that maybe are not all that popular.”

But doesn't that mean more and deeper tax cuts and less spending are in order? After all, isn't that what courageous pro-growth "conservative" politicians do? I mean Laffer Curve.

Oh wait, not this time though. Because they need to fund the local Hendricks-JPCullen-Rock-Road-Ryanoligartopus with real hard cash - not unicorn money from Lafferland. Why certainly it's OK to pay for THAT stuff. Why didn't you say so the first time? LOL.

Of course what Cunningham (FJ's VP) means is exactly that. They want new government collectivist tax shifts, hikes and fees to provide for increased revenue to pay for their pet project. Because THIS time it's different. They're looking for real "tough" politicians to ignore the politics and back those revenue increases ...this time.

Because remember, when it is political, Forward Janesville supports Scott Walker and the legislative agenda of the state's republican party. FJ cheered and toasted flutes of champagne to their every move. And, who can forget the higher revenues reportedly coming in and all the recent tax cuts paid for by the state budget "surplus?" So how can there be shortfalls and who needs revenue increases under those circumstances unless ...unless the surplus and increased revenues are just, pardon my french ...all political bullshit for Walker's re-election? Another LOL.

Also, don't forget it was Forward Janesville who earlier needed "tough" lawmakers to snooker taxpayers by defunding local roads and pushing enterprise zone credits, TIF district slush funds and portable tax gimmicks for themselves. They now want lawmakers again to make the "tough" tax hikes on everybody else because this time it's not political's for the oligarchy. It only figures.

And, you know what? There is nobody to stop them. The Big Club seems to always get what they want while the folks are too busy watching Badger sports and pounding down beers and brats. Make no mistake, I'm not trying to pretend some democrats haven't been on Forward Janesville's bandwagon while looking the other way. Because they have.

But Wisconsin is a single-party ruled GOP majority state now, so we should at least make sure that any new taxes, fees or hikes are sponsored and passed with a majority of GOP caucus votes in each state house. Afterall, they own it.


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