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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Janesville Council Member: State Budget Invites Outsourcing

During a Janesville City Council candidate's forum, candidates were asked what they think about outsourcing local services. Candidates Kealy and Farrell are incumbents:

JG Excerpt: (Pay site)
Bobzien, Brunner and Farrell all were against outsourcing.

“We have a great set of employees with the city of Janesville. I've seen them work. They work hard,” Bobzien said. “Janesville is a top-notch employer, and we need to continue that.”

Kealy said he hopes the city is giving the best possible service at the best possible price, but with state lawmakers cutting off revenue to municipalities, outsourcing should be considered.

On the subject of changing city government to democratic ward representation from the current at-large system:

JG Excerpt: (Pay site)
Brunner said at-large representation has worked well. He said he would worry that alderpersons representing wards would trade favors and votes to get things for their own districts, and that different parts of the city would be pitted against each other.

Oh by all means ...why have some neighborhoods (wards) "pitted against each other" to compete for their tax dollars, services and needs when special interests can roll over them, have it all and keep the peace.


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