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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Early Links - Emails Confirm Walker Tied To Illegal Campaign Activity

Scott Walker supporters went on a tangent soon after the release of some 28,000 pages of emails from the first John Doe investigation. At the top of their talking points seems to be a veiled acceptance that Walker is indeed guilty of the allegations, but that the case is closed without charges against him and therefore he is protected by double jeopardy. Strange defense considering they want to run this guy for president.

Walker himself downplayed the importance of the email release calling them years old 'communications from a county employee.'

Below are some of the early links to the email scandal posted on #WIunion

The Progressive - Starting Today, Scott Walker is Officially in Hot Water

The Progressive - The Biggest Revelations from Scott Walker's Really Bad Day

Slate - This Could Be the Start of Scott Walker’s Bridgegate

The Nation - Emails, Charges, Probes! Chris Christie? No, Scott Walker

CapTimes - Records released in John Doe probe of Scott Walker aides — here's what to watch

CapTimes - How deep Will The Damage Be For Scott Walker From The John Doe Email Dump?

DailyKos - Big Wis. John Doe News - Thousands of Emails and Documents Released

Think Progress - Emails Suggest Walker Knew Of Illegal Campaign Coordination

AlterNet - Did Scott Walker Just Tank his Career?

JohnDoeWalker.Com - Dedicated Website For Tracking Walker-related Emails In Cover-Up Scandal

TPM - Investigation Surrounding Walker Even Bigger Than We Thought

TPM - Scott Walker Aide Forwarded A Totally Racist Email

Huff Post - Scott Walker Ordered Doctor Fired Because She Was Once A Thong Model

Blue Cheddar - Quick thoughts on the John Doe document release

The Political Environment - More On Email Showing Walker Wanted Cover-Up In County Patient Death

Washington Post - Scott Walker, eyeing 2016, faces fallout from probes as ex-aide’s e-mails are released

MKE Express - Rindfleisch to Campaign: You Guys Are in the Drivers Seat

JS Online - Unsealed email ties Scott Walker to secret email system

NOTE: Hours later, JS Online changed above title to "Emails link Scott Walker to secret email system."

Wisconsin State Journal - John Doe transcript: Scott Walker must have known of private email, laptop system

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