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Monday, January 13, 2014

Kleefisch: Businesses (and rankings) Don't Care How High Sales Taxes Are


Zero to 19:30: Introductions

19:30 to 38:00: State Presentation of mostly political propaganda about tax reduction and tax credits since Scott Walker was elected. Includes a summary about the state’s tax structure.

38:30 to 39:20: Lt. Gov. Kleefisch – “This may or may not color what you’re about to say, (but) from an economic development standpoint and there are a number of economic development professionals in the room, one of the things we tend NOT give a ton of credit for when it comes to business ranking is our low sales tax. You saw we’re ranked 35. When it comes to business rankings for the friendliness of a state towards a job creator, oftentimes it’s property tax, personal income tax and corporate tax that gets factored in in a big way. Sales taxes are either low on the totem pole or don’t get factored in at all." (Translation: State rankings for business climate are unaffected by sales taxes and businesses don’t care if sales taxes are raised to the moon, they’ll just pass them on to the customer.) Huge directional signal sent to “tax reform” roundtable.

45:30 to 45:40: Kleefisch - "We want to know how we can love you more."

46:00: Q. How can we make it better for small business? A. More tax credits and make them long term.

46:35 to 47:30: Kleefisch asks the oligarchs for a show of hands to the questions: Which is better ...would more tax credits be better for you OR, would you like to see lower rates overall?

56:40 to 59:10: Guest wants to know what Wisconsin is doing to court (bribe) businesses from other states. Suggests flying business owners in helicopters (luxurious stuff) including several million dollars in throw-away tax incentives.

1:02:05 to 1:04:00: Rock County 5.0 mouthpiece James Otterstein suggests the state must give the oligarchs everything they want. Said the state must lower the overall aggregate tax liability AND give away tax credits, cash freebies, etc.

1:07:10 To the question on why tax records are public information. Walker official uses air quotes when saying, proponents of "open government" got it passed.

1:23:30 Guest suggests state should offer incentives to companies to go into high schools for laborers. Although he will be pushing his own kids to go to college, this guest states companies are paying good money to other people's kids to be laborers.

1:25:00 Guest is worried that they are investing in people’s education only for other states to offer incentives recruiting those students out of Wisconsin.

* * *
On one hand, these fine folks seem worried that Wisconsin can’t keep our own educated children in the state. But who wants to work in a state that considers high wages, benefits and even civil rights "burdens" on economic development OR have a governor who thinks there should be no bottom on wages? What smart kids want to stay behind in Wisconsin knowing their low wages will be subject to a greater tax burden than those who can better afford? Or as a production worker wage earner, you're considered a second-class citizen?

One last note on this video. Although Diane Hendricks ABC Supply and Holdings were well channeled by four reps in attendance, most of the invited guests seem to be second-stringers or paid mouthpieces for the real oligarchs of south-central Wisconsin. Neither co-chair of Walker's booster clubs the Rock County 5.0, Hendricks or Mary Willmer, or Forward Janesville operators, John Beckord or Dan Cunningham, were in attendance.

Perhaps their appearance was completely unnecessary.


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