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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Gov. Scott Walker Signals New Bombing Operation After November Election

In a recent interview, Gov. Scott Walker, with more boldness than ever but in his usual veiled language, alluded several times to big changes coming in states with republican governors after this year's November election - assuming they win re-election. We would be negligent not to assume he also includes Wisconsin.

Rare Excerpt:
Walker: We have yet to see any one state or jurisdiction where they’ve gone quite as far or quite as ***(INAUDIBLE)*** as we have, but I think a lot of that will change even more after this coming November. What I mean by that is that I think people are interested, but reluctant in response to all the protests and the recall I had.

[ ... ] But I think the bottom line will be after November ...

[ ... ] So, no one’s been quite as comprehensive as we have, but I would imagine after this coming November’s elections ...

Walker mentions the timeframe "after ...November elections" several times and hints of big changes coming without offering any details. Here in Wisconsin we all know what that means.

If history is correct, it means if Walker wins re-election, he will gear up for a new bombing operation to enact big punishing changes, changes he will later call "reforms" that he either refused to discuss earlier or never campaigned on. What about Wisconsin's corporate media? Well, they watch his back.

Just like the last time when Walker revealed soon after winning election that he will "drop the bomb," his words, on the state of Wisconsin in early 2011 to divide and conquer constituencies, Walker knew that voters had no clue of what he was about to do because he never campaigned on it, hence his use of "drop the bomb." But in this interview, he also implies that more governors will attempt the same sneak attack on their unwary states if they win in November.

Walker's words I can only hope will serve as a warning for red state governed populations to find out exactly what issues they are voting on and what punishing surprises or changes are in store. Because if his words ring true, you're in for a big hurt of politically calculated race-to-the-bottom policies that will take years to recover from.


Unknown said...

Walker's also planning to restructure the state income tax. He floated out a trial balloon on this and based on past performance and his eagerness to please his Koch Brother handlers, it easy to conclude that the burden will be shifted to those least able to pay. See:

Anonymous said...

Right to work, here we come.

Anonymous said...

Hard to imagine voters in any state that voted for Obama turning around and re-electing fascists like Walker, Snyder, Scott and Corbett. Shocking, actually.

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