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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Some Folks Will Have To Suck It Up For Paul Ryan's Career

It was last week Thursday I wrote about how Rep. Paul Ryan is changing face to releverage his career with the implication that everything he does in Congress is calculated on advancing his career and not for the good of the country.

Days later, the Janesville Gazette issued what I call a cold-war style rebuttal to that in their editorial titled, "Ryan does what he believes is best." They wrote matter of factly ...

Gazette Editorial:
Ryan has never made his political future his top priority. Instead, he always said he would do whatever he believes is in the best interest of our country.

He always said ...that's what he said.

Good grief.

Now just days later again and with a growing chorus of boo's from an unlikely constituency, military pensioners, on a budget deal he wrote - not brokered - with a leading Senate Democrat, Ryan once again appears to be co-opting the outrage against Boehner and himself to his advantage. Media enablers and his feckless tea party apologists are already painting Ryan as a "deal broker" who can courageously face down and lead party opposition to the promised land for a "win." Why?

Because it turns out that the "sacrifices" military pensioners made and how much of the "crippling" sequester Paul Ryan was able to keep intact to get his "bi-partisan" budget deal passed was the perfect feather in his cap for advancing his political career. That is what matters most.

According to this story from Politico, Ryan, now House Budget Committee chairman, intends to replace Rep. Dave Camp as the Chairman of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee. "That is my plan," Ryan told The Wall Street Journal in an interview.


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Anonymous said...

Ryan does what's best for the Tea Party country but most of the people in this nation don't choose to be citizens of that country. That's akin to saying Walker does what's best for Wisconsin. They both do what's best for their political careers, their ideology, and their Tea Party not what's best for the majority of the people in this country. When Ryan set his personal goal to sabotage Obama's presidency and limit him to one term and he laid these plans during a 4 hour meeting on inauguration day with 12 other Tea Party legislators then he doesn't do what's best for the country. The Gazette has to go beyond defending their home town boy. But as they editorialized last year they have endorsed every Republican candidate for President throughout the paper's history.

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