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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Paul Ryan Changes Face Hoping To Releverage His Career

H/T to the Democurmudgeon for finding this story right here in Janesville. Apparently, a local news station went to Janesville's Hedberg Library and asked a few folks what they thought about the budget deal worked over by local House Rep. Paul Ryan. God, how I wish I was there and they had asked me.

From WISC via Democurmudgeon:

No offense to anyone in the video, but do you think they know that everything Paul Ryan does is calculated for political reasons and not for our best interests?

To be fair, a couple of them do mention how this deal could raise Ryan's national stature - and that's oh soooo important. But would they say that if they knew Ryan threw them under a bus?

Do they know that not too long ago he called the automatic cuts of the sequester "crippling," his words, but now added a provision that whacks Medicare and requires the President to tack on two additional years to the term of the crippling sequester? Do they know that Ryan's stand-alone budget two years ago was three times worse than the sequester he called crippling? Does any of that intellectual dishonesty bother anyone?

And ...this thing about, "everybody gave up something" in the budget deal and that Ryan proved he can work with both sides. Is that a freaking joke?

Do voters in the 1st Congressional District understand that the republican commandments since holding the majority in one branch of the federal government is built on the completely phony premise that the other party, meaning Democrats, must "negotiate" something, must give up something in exchange ...for funding government?

Do they know that Ryan referred to debt ceiling negotiations as "leverage" but since that leverage backfired republicans into shutting down the government, Ryan is now looking for new leverage? Besides the actual physical content of the leverage, leverage for what? To fund government? As far as Republicans are concerned, damn Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution. It doesn't exist, and that's treason in my book.

Ryan, who ran with Mitt Romney for the White House often boasted how he wants to flush opponents out into the field of open debate, and how he would courageously win those debates by highlighting contrasts and sticking with principles, is now doing his best to whitewash the past. In fact, the new narrative paints him as courageously willing to dispense of his previous perfection ...I'm not kidding you, in favor of the merely good.

Ryan has always talked the talk, but never walked the walk against opponents. He also seems to be hoping that attacks from the Left and Right fringes, particularly from the tea party, will push his public image closer to the palatable center. Regardless, like Scott Walker, Ryan is a dealer in snake oil politics. It's always buyer beware ...always.

But I'm also getting sick and tired of seeing democrats surrender loopholes and subsidies to Big Corpse and cut unemployment insurance in exchange for "letting" Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid continue - WITH CUTS ...and then they call it a win. Oh, we HAD to show we can work together to prevent another government shutdown. Are you kidding me Democrats? Tell me you are.

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