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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Walker's "Comprehensive" Book Rithmetic Doesn't Match Reality

Gov. Scott Walker: "I think when people see all the research we did for the book, not just my own recollection, but talking to other individuals, they'll see by far this is the most comprehensive overview of what's happened over the last 21/2 years."

Oh, reeeeally?

JS Online Excerpt:
In the Senate recalls, Walker says his side raised $12.5 million only to see “the unions” raise $25 million.

But WDC research director Mike Buelow says Senate recall candidates and all outside groups — not just unions — spent $23.4 million on Republicans and $27.2 million on Democrats.

And again...

GB Gazette Excerpt:
The book also says “Democrats and their union allies … spent more than $8 million” trying to oust Republican Sen. Alberta Darling. But WDC tallied just $4.4 million spent on behalf of Darling’s unsuccessful opponent, Sandy Pasch, compared with $5.5 million spent by Darling and her backers.

Walker’s spokesman deferred comment to the book’s publisher, Sentinel. Its publicist, Jacquelynn Burke, says the Senate numbers are from “interviews with GOP campaign operatives” who estimated spending at the time, not “a comprehensive listing like the one generated by WDC” after the elections.

"NOT a comprehensive listing?"

"GOP campaign operatives?"

THAT explains it. Hah ...hahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa.

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You forgot to add that he left college to care for his family which wasn't even born for four more years.

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