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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Profitable Local Businesses Thinking Of Changes Can Only Mean One Thing

Get ready for some new taxpayer paid collectivist hand-outs.

Lately, the Janesville Gazette has been on a tear about how well things are going in Janesville. One local business, whom I'll refer to here for this blog posting as DD, has been doing very well after picking up a VA contract from the federal government. They have also been getting plenty of promotional ink from the newspaper for their "job creation."

Jobs are always welcome and good, and being the pro-business free market guy that I am, businesses that not only survive during tough times but thrive deserve an occasional public pat on the back for their success. Job well done!

For instance, the Gazette pasted DD's business success story as front page headlines in their Wednesday edition. The company they reported, according to Inc. magazine, is the 2nd-largest job creator in Wisconsin over the past 12 months. Over that time frame, the company created 350 jobs. DD officials don't see the growth slowing anytime soon and expect the company's revenue growth to be at least 50 percent ahead of last years. FAN-tastic!

Wow! I'm doing a dance!

But wait. There's a pattern here that seems all too familiar to me in Janesville. The local Club-for-Growth low-wage conservative corporatist media monopoly lays down a perky promotional business ad masquerading as a news article only to find out weeks, sometimes months later, that that particular wildly successful business is putting the squeeze on city officials for substantial government aid. Say what?

In a high-stakes high-pressure game I've termed "fear market enterprise," many growing wealthy businesses hold their expected success as a hostage in exchange for substantial capital aid, "incentives" and tax credits from modest and oftentimes broke local tax treasuries. Many of these folks swear they're all about community, but have no qualms about pitting local taxpayers against local taxpayers against local taxpayers in a bidding war to either buy or retain their success. They even consider this as some sort of legitimate competitive free market. "Let the market compete" they've said. Yes, the extortion of taxpayer funded collectivist treasuries is now a high art form and a major part of the American free market system. Wrap your mind around that one if you can and remember, these are mostly so-called small-government conservatives pushing those policies.

So here we are being fed some good news about a local business enjoying some success. Again, that's all well and good, but including that the company is kicking around the idea that changes could be in store for the company's local infrastructure, buildings and people. That's the "set up."

Only time will tell whether DD subjects Janesville to fear market enterprise, but if the pattern holds, look out Janesville taxpayers ...again.

Note: Since this posting is mostly speculative, I've left the business name out to avoid search engine robots.


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Anonymous said...

the bliss family are all PIGS -- entitled pigs -- but SHAMELESS PIGS NEVER THE LESS.

Jville deserves whatever it gets until the community stops buying their propaganda.

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