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Monday, October 07, 2013

Local Business Expansion With Negative Job Growth Picks Up Taxpayer Funding


If you think like I do that the WEDC is wasting taxpayer money trying to create a single job (jobs are created by demand), you might not want to continue reading.

According to this story from the Janesville Gazette, a prominent Janesville business picked up a $1.5 million taxpayer funded “package” to help pay for site improvements of their business expansion. The package, approved by the Janesville City council earlier this year, was hinged to a guarantee that the company keep a minimum of 130 jobs over the next seven years. They currently employ 140.

Of added importance here is that the City of Janesville accepted a check from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation for $650,000 (grant) earmarked for work on a frontage road and a railroad spur for the business. The business owner is a donor to Scott Walker and defender of the Rock County 5.0.

Besides the obvious lack of promise for any new long-term jobs in exchange for the taxpayer contribution, there seems to be an expanding and disturbing effort by local media and government officials to act as a surrogate on behalf of business elites to shield them from being accused of accepting government funded largesse.

We are in reverse.


RNR - Paradox? Local Conservatives Demand Large Government Role For Economic Growth


Democurmudgeon said...

Amazing. Walker is doling out money to business just to retain or keep employment pretty much the same. That's not increasing jobs, that's someone in panic mode.

nonquixote said...

Pulling themselves up with my bootstraps. I'm honored. Free market capitalism.

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