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Friday, September 06, 2013

Walker Withdraws Rigged Grant Money To Crony Front Group. Why??

Gov. Scott Walker, who was recently awarded worst governor in the country for a steady pattern of in-your-face divide and conquer revenge style politics along with a boldly executed payback system for rewarding cronies and major donors with state employment, tax revenue credits or capital, seems to be working on changing that persona. At least on the surface.

An emergency facelift if you will.

JS Online Excerpt:
Gov. Scott Walker late Thursday canceled a controversial $500,000 grant to a sportsmen's group with little training experience but close ties to GOP politicians.

The decision was announced only hours after the Journal Sentinel asked state officials about a 2005 case in which the president of the United Sportsmen of Wisconsin Foundation Inc. was cited for hunting with an improper license.

In a statement, Department of Natural Resources Secretary Cathy Stepp said she spoke with Walker on Thursday and he canceled the grant to United Sportsmen, which had been aimed at promoting the state's sporting heritage. Instead, Walker ordered the DNR to find other means to achieve that goal.
Read full story here.

It does appear that the United Sportsmen debacle was spinning out of control, but obviously not enough for Walker to call for an investigation or turn John Doe on them. Instead, Walker must have figured the only way he could use this episode to his political advantage and save face was to do something very much out of the ordinary.

This just might explain it all in short order...

It takes a presidential campaign to get some people to tidy up the house. -- The Political Environment


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