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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Sen. Ron Johnson Tells Of His Strategy To Destroy Faith In Government

Saw this story first at the Democurmudgeon about the most recent ramblings (randlings?) from our radical extremist senator, Ron Johnson.

During a speech at an Americans For Prosperity townhall, (Johnson has yet to hold a listening session for Wisconsin constituents) Johnson does his usual demonization of Americans and wrongly accuses a majority of being anti-business, against success and addicted to government. But what really caught my eye was this statement from Johnson ...

“Politicians. I hear them say it all the time, “we have to restore faith in government.” Absolutely not! That is the wrong strategy.” – Sen. Ron Johnson

Regardless of one's perception of how big, small, polarized or corrupted government is, that's a huge statement to make against the concept of government from a sitting senator, and particularly with such defiance.

But on that note: How can the average constituent trust Sen. Johnson for help with the federal government when his personal mission is to make sure you leave disappointed and disgruntled, with a foul taste for government forever in your mouth? In this capacity, failure is success to Ron Johnson. In other words, having Ron Johnson for your senator is a lot like having an auto technician put sugar in your gas tank.

I strongly believe with that statement, Sen. Johnson has abdicated his constitutional duties and is from that point moving forward a hostile combatant to the U.S. Government.

Another masterpiece from the Democurmudgeon's video library. The above quote begins at 2:50, but I suggest watching it in its entirety:


Democurmudgeon - The Frightening side of Dumb Ron Johnson’s Doom and Gloom Nightmare Life in America. Why can’t we all just stop hating success?

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