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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

No New Casinos (or Business) Unless it Helps Walker Fulfill His Jobs Promise

Once again saw the story on this first at the Democurmudgeon, and the possible implications it may have with the proposed casino in local Beloit.

“Republicans in the state capitol recognize what John Torinus, a widely respected expert in economic development, said in his column this week that building a new casino in Kenosha will not create jobs.”

Torinus: “Economists on his (Walker) team should point out that another casino would not help him reach his goal of 250,000 additional jobs by the end of his first term in 2014. Any new casino jobs will be offset by job losses elsewhere in the Wisconsin economy.”

Who knew that there were such strong political undercurrents driving Wisconsin's economic development? ....eyeroll...

BUT, for the sake of this argument let's assume Torinus is right.

That for instance, Wisconsin's casino industry is running at full capacity and is now operating in a zero-sum economic environment and that opening a new casino, whether in Kenosha or Beloit will not create positive state job numbers because they will rob casinos in the central and northern parts (red counties?) of Wisconsin of the heavy capital trekked in from Chicago and northern Illinois. This in turn will cause those casinos to lose jobs. Let's assume there's a speck of truth to that.

What Torinus is then saying is government must step in politically to stop it all because it will not help Walker fulfill his 250,000 jobs campaign promise. That is what's important. Competition be damned.

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Mega-fortune said...

Its not true. New casino in Wisconsin will attract new visitors from state. Casinos everywhere in the world bring profits..

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