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Monday, August 12, 2013

Update: Ryan Town Hall Schedule Posted By Anti-Amnesty Group Is In Error

After receiving an unusual amount of emails since Saturday regarding the Paul Ryan Townhall schedule I reposted from FAIR, this Monday afternoon I decided to call five of the facilities listed to request a confirmation. All five told me they DO NOT have Paul Ryan on their schedule. Two of them said they received previous calls over the past several days and insisted the schedule is a mistake.

As we know of for almost a full week, the Anti-Amnesty group, Federation For Immigration Reform (FAIR), had maintained a schedule of Rep. Paul Ryan's Town Halls listing 15 locations/meetings over the next three days. No other reference to this schedule could be found on the Web.

I also called FAIR and told them of my findings. The person I spoke to said they have correspondence from Ryan's office (PDF) detailing the schedule and are unaware of a problem, but that they will look into it further. Of added consequence for the timing of the bogus schedule is the group spent over $200,000 beginning August 5th in a Wisconsin ad buy taking issue with Ryan’s position on amnesty.


Turns out the schedule of listening sessions mistakenly posted by FAIR was from 2007.


Democurmudgeon said...

Looks like Paul Ryan doesn't want a big crowd when he does show up. You would think the facilities hosting Ryan would speak up to promote a visit by the former VP candidate. Or maybe not in this case.

Big surprise like minded conservatives are getting the shaft by fellow conservatives.

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight. Paul Ryan hosting secret meetings with the Koch brothers for three days is true; Paul Ryan hosting public meetings with district constituents for three days is false. Why am I not surprised?

Anonymous said...

Very disappointed that FAIR made such a mistake. If not for calling ahead and checking with East Troy Village Hall I would have spent my time and money driving there. Of course, I learned that I cannot trust information coming from FAIR.

Lou Kaye said...

One of the first rules I learned quickly as a blogger when posting other's work is to look at the date and time. Particularly on the internet where old articles and schedules are available without a warning flag. I double-checked their date for my posting but unfortunately they did not double-check their own. What happened at FAIR was amateurish. I should have put in a job application.

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