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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Gov. Walker Is Fundamentally Opposed To ObamaCare But Prefers It Works

From the WTF category of did he really say that? ...

JS Online Excerpt:
Walker said even though he "fundamentally" disagrees with Obamacare, "as an American first, and not a Republican or a politician, for the sake of the country, I would prefer that it work."

Walker just admitted, not that it's anything new, that fundamentally, he's not an American first. He's got different thinking and different values on his mind. Mainly self-serving political values. But just so you know how much he loves the people of his state, he's sacrificed his values by forcing poor people on ObamaCare so they can take charge of their own destiny. See what we made him do?

Or, that Obamacare is on the right side of history and Walker doesn't want to burn that bridge completely down. Or for the sake of his teabilly career, he's fundamentally opposed to it but for the sake of the country he wants it to work. In the meantime Walker has done everything he can possibly do to not make Obamacare work in the State of Wisconsin.

Actually, there is really no explaining needed to qualify what he said. Just impossible self-hating nuts.

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