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Monday, June 17, 2013

Gov. Walker Implies He's Out of the Loop In Executive Decisions

Huff Post Excerpt:
But Walker, who named Inglett on Monday, won't say the withdrawal was related to the petition.

"My comment's just going to be that we withdrew the nomination, and there's plenty of other good candidates we've looked at, and we'll look at in this case," Walker told WKOW. He also denied being involved in telling Inglett the nomination was quashed.

"Again, I wasn't involved in that directly. In the interest of not pulling him through the details on this, we withdrew the nomination and we'll be submitting another name," Walker said.

That's soooo classic double-speak. We see this over and over again with Walker. Where he implies no involvement by claiming others are calling the shots within his office. How he continually gets away with it is truly remarkable. Plus, he deliberately made it sound like the student, Joshua Inglett, did something wrong by signing a public petition, and Walker is sparing him of some manufactured negative exposure. Absolutely shameful.

I also now wonder how all students including state "Young Republicans," and other conservative-leaning young adults will feel about being targeted for their politics while serving in everyday educational or civic capacities.

Think a teacher or employer is biased against you for your political leanings and making your life rough? Tough. The governor and state legislators are leading by example and have declared that it's open season year around on EVERYONE. Don't think for a second just because they've gerrymandered power away from the majority means that it will last forever. It won't - and if you're a student not yet out of high school or college, regardless of your political or religious beliefs, you should be very concerned about this latest episode from Scott Walker.

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