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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Are Paul Ryan's Failures Due to Deficiencies In Our Character?

Saw this story first at the Democurmudgeon on a Ryan speech at a Republican fundraiser in Baltimore. He spoke about the usual straw man themes of how government must legislate self-reliance and the ills of dependence on government - if that makes any sense. But then he asked conservatives to reach out...

Baltimore Sun Excerpt:
"We want to tackle the root causes of poverty," he said. "We have to offer a conservatism that everyone can relate to — that everyone can see, feel, touch and understand."

But Ryan offered a harsh judgment of Americans who do not prosper, approvingly quoting an Irish official from the 19th century who said that in America, nine out of 10 of those who do not succeed fail to do so because of deficiencies in their character.

9 of 10!!?? That leaves me wondering what the congressman really thinks of the people in his hometown Janesville and Rock County. Afterall, for the first time in his long stale career, his Democratic challenger for either office (Congress or VP) succeeded in winning more votes from his hometown than he did. So, in Ryan's smugly superior world, he alone was that one out of ten who failed to succeed obviously not because of his own deficiencies, no, no, nooooooo. But in the deficiencies in the character of everyone else.

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