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Thursday, May 02, 2013

Rip Rap

Local Newspaper Labels Politician's Half-Truths Differently

A couple weeks ago, I took issue with the Janesville Gazette for taking a cheapshot at a Democratic state legislator with a title heading on a Politifact editorial rating her statement "Half True." The Gazette insinuated that she needs to go back to school.

Last Sunday the Gazette published another Politifact "Half True" editorial. But because this time they're rating the GOP's homeboy rock star, Paul Ryan, the Janesville paper writes him up as "Honest Abe." Lucky for us, the Gazette insists they have no political agenda. LOL

Obamacare Will Devastate AND Obamacare Will Empower.

Wisconsin TeaGOPers Going "Postal" with Plan To Bankrupt Local Towns

Via Chris McDonough...
This is a fiendishly clever recycling of the law Congress is using to destroy the USPS. In this case, Wisconsin TeaGOPers want to saddle towns with costs far exceeding reason, with the intent of making the towns go bankrupt. Then, the Governor will appoint an "emergency manager" and all local control vanishes instantly. This has ALEC DNA all over it.

I would also ask Republicans to first test their devious little plan in the private sector before anything else. Report back. * eyeroll *

Blistering Audit Faults Scott Walker's WEDC Jobs Creation Agency. But not Scott Walker?

MADISON, Wis. (AP) - A blistering audit released Wednesday said Republican Gov. Scott Walker's premier job creation agency repeatedly broke state law in its first year of operation, failed to adequately track money it awarded for economic development projects and sometimes gave money to ineligible recipients.

Nothing seems to work in Scott Walker's Wisconsin.

Sen. Tim Cullen remarks on a bill intended to create $75 million venture capital fund...

JG Excerpt:
“It’s one of the most interesting issues in Madison, and there’s opposition to it from the far ends of both parties,” he said. “On the far right, the Republicans call it crony capitalism. The far left wants to spend that $25 million on education and health care.”

Curiously, what would we call a person who thinks both; that the money would be better used on education AND thinks the state-run venture cap fund is crony capitalism? A centrist? That would be me.

Mike McCabe (Democracy Campaign) "Democrats Need To Grow a Pair"

Tandem blog posts from McCabe followed by a response/review from Jack Craver of the Cap Times. Check 'em out.

McCabe's First Post - Democrats Won't Find Answers Without Asking The Right Questions

McCabe's Second Post - Castrated By Money's Grip

Jack Craver - Mike McCabe to Dems: Grow a pair

Come 'on Democrats. We've got your backs. Do you have ours?

Funny how in the competitive free markets, restaurant customers often don't have the choices of both Pepsi and Coke. But school choice advocates believe the government owes them a choice of schools and to oppose it is a baseless anti-market fear of competition.

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