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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mercy CEO Just Another Shameless #@!&?

According to a story percolating out from St. Paul, comments made by the CEO of Mercy Health System in Janesville, Javon Bea, are at the center of a federal age discimination lawsuit against a company that manages Kahler Hotels in Minneosta. Bea has a financial stake in Kahler and was hired to be the top executive liaison between the investors and the management company.

Post Bulletin Excerpt:
In an executive committee meeting in February, Bea was allegedly recorded referring to Berman as an "older gal" and "older lady" as he discussed eliminating her position and that of three other employees, the complaint says.

Bea, who also is CEO of Mercy Health System in Janesville, Wis., is alleged to have made multiple comments about Woodford's age, the complaint says, including this remark during an executive management committee meeting in January: "Clearly Sandy W. is eligible for Medicare or Medicaid; she should have been retired." Bea then told the group he needed someone younger and more vibrant in Woodford's position, the complaint says.

In a email from an undisclosed source, the complaint also said Bea intends to eliminate union employment at Kahler properties through, "illegal and immoral" means. Read full story here.

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