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Monday, May 13, 2013

Janesville Officials Suggest Without Government, Business Cannot Expand

In the aftermath of Janesville's Economic Development Director ending his employment with the city, city officials are asking community members for input on the next step. Several officials are worried that losing momentum could hurt the city’s economic development.

Janesville's City Council President weighed in and implied that things are not getting done without the city's government assistance ...

JG Excerpt:
“We have a vacancy in our economic development department right now, and we have people, businesses that want to expand right now, and we have businesses that want to move into the city of Janesville right now,” she said.

Open up the floodgates and let 'er rip ...

Of course I believe the modern local economic development director has devolved into little more than a welfare program coordinator and lobbyist for businesses. But outside of possible changes in zoning, which should be applied for by the business and falls under the jurisdiction of the city council, I have no idea what kind of municipal laws and regs are preventing businesses from entering or expanding in Janesville.

Do you?

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