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Friday, April 12, 2013

Scott Walker: Cutting Govt Aid To The Poor Is Love

During an interview on Pat Robertson’s CBN, Gov. Scott Walker talked about the severe cuts he made to government programs on Wisconsin’s poor and working poor families.

According to Walker, he said the cuts show how much he loves the people of his state. Feigning compassion, he overplays his coldly calculating semantics when forcing out the words, “I love ...I love ...I love them so much, I don’t want them to be indebted to government for the rest of their lives."

The entire segment including CBN's narrative is throw-up-in-mouth viewing. Watch if you must, but you were warned.

On Twitter:
Walker said cutting off govt benefits to the poor is love. Then why does he hate WEDC recipients? #WIunion #P2 #WIright #700Club


Democurmudgeon said...

Wow, I missed your post of this until now. Amazing and calculated, if nothing else, Walker is running for president.

You're right about his semantic play on words. He doesn't want to make government help harder to get, he wants to make jobs easier to get. Huh? Love that stuff. I will help get the word out on this wonderful puff piece.

Anonymous said...

Says the man whose family lives off the Govt. Fuck you Scott Walker.

Anonymous said...

I have never felt such hatred for a politician, not even Dubya. I just pitied him. Scooter, I hate.

Anonymous said...

Walker's sons pushed him into politics? Bevis and Butthead weren't even a twinkle in Tonette's eye when he started his political aspirations.

Anonymous said...

What a blasphemous load of garbage. As a Christian, it is truly disgusting listening to someone without a shred of moral decency claim that God is leading him. For a Christian news network not to confront him on his sins and to allow him to claim that God is leading him shows that this network is also a wolf in sheep's clothing. Confront him on his lies CBN, or you are violating God's word with him. Confront him about his hatred of the poor, because you are against the many words of Jesus pertaining to the poor.
Remember the parable where the rich backed governor made the poor pick the scraps up off the floor and give it back to the rich man so they could continue to pay for the puppet? Not in the Bible, but is in the Wisconsin governor's version.
Maybe the interviewer should read the words of Christ to Walker next time.
Matthew 25:40
‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’
The antichristian governor has the gall to claim he is doing this out of love, yet he is not confronted?????

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