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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Will Paul Ryan's Local Supporters Demand, "Cut Us More!!"

The Janesville Gazette ...God bless their hearts ...already had two major articles about the possibility of the Rock County Airport being listed among the airports whose control tower could lose government funding as a result from federal sequestration cuts. Well the guessing game is over. On Friday, the FAA released their list and the Rock County tower is among eight Wisconsin contract towers scheduled for closure beginning on April 7th.

The Gazette did play into the fear game about public safety in their recent editorial mentioning how airplanes might fall from the sky as one reason why the flow of government funding must remain uninterrupted. Oh, and of course the tower's value to ...economic development. They want that tower to remain funded and open.

At least one commenter at the Gazette seemed to be as puzzled as I am over the newspaper's position on the spending cuts ...

Comment posted at Gazette:
Who did YOU vote for? The Gazette endorses Republicans by a wide majority. This is what you all want if you want the sequester (austerity) budget. Remember that the austerity budget is the starting basis for Ryan's budget with even much larger austerity measures to kick in. This is the budget the Republicans unanimously voted for. The Gazette strongly endorsed Ryan so I wonder if they will step up to the plate and take responsibility for helping to kill the economy in Janesville through their prediction is a pretty strong "NO - NOT ME".

That’s a home run in my book.

It's absolutely true. The folks running the Janesville Gazette, Forward Janesville and the Rock County 5.0 are all fierce defenders and supporters of Rep. Paul Ryan, who not only was a key trigger man of the sequester, but whose own budget proposal is three times worse than the automatic cuts effecting the airport's control tower. Oh, never mind any of that. Sure, that's silly partisan stuff no one takes seriously, but the fact remains they endorsed Ryan for EVERYTHING in the last election.

BUT THERE THEY ARE jumping up and down over relatively small cuts that their rock star candidate insists isn't enough, but desperately need as a down payment for balanced budgets and to wean us off of government dependency. That's right, it's about upward mobility according to Paul Ryan AND Gov. Scott Walker. These bold spending cuts will result in strong economic growth, jobs and prosperity.

The hypocrisy from the so-called "spending is the problem" conservatives is simply mind-boggling. If they really do believe in themselves, why aren't they asking for more and deeper cuts right here on themselves? Don't be shy about the windfall of prosperity, we know you'll share it.


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