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Thursday, March 07, 2013

Mining Violations? A Judiciary Is Necessary Before You Can Prosecute

The billionaire owner of the mining company, Christopher Cline, at the center of the proposed mining legislation in Wisconsin is facing prosecution in Illinois for violating EPA pollution laws. His companies have racked up 53 violations over the past three years.

JS Online Excerpt:
Kimberlee Wright is executive director of Midwest Environmental Advocates, a public interest law firm based in Madison.

She said the story of Cline-owned mines in Illinois could have ramifications in Wisconsin.

Gogebic, she believes, is likely to encounter environmental problems, and she worries that the Wisconsin DNR won't be able to adequately regulate a mine that would become one of the largest in the nation.

"They don't have the staff and they don't have the resources now," said Wright, whose firm often challenges environmental permits that have been approved by the DNR.

Not only does Wisconsin have inadequate staffing at the DNR to handle environmental challenges, but any violations that show just cause will likely be struck down since the sell-out majority-led GOP state legislature has advised the courts to allow for adverse environmental impacts.

Without ever facing viable prosecution in Wisconsin, Gegobic Taconite will likely build a spotlessly clean record of lawless environmental mayhem and destruction from legislation other states will follow.

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