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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Video: Sen. Ron Johnson Delivers "State of His Own Mind" Speech

Sen. Ron Johnson, who in his first two years in office has never held a townhall meeting for his constituents in-person, continues in that tradition by recording his own little response to the President Obama's State-of-the-Union delivered last night. Johnson, it should be noted, had a dysfunctional ego and warped sense of reality well before he joined Paul Ryan on the Romney presidential campaign tour bus, has now become a full-throated legend-in-his-own-mind circus clown, minus the baldcap and clown nose.

According to an article by Dan Bice, Johnson was making headlines just days before the SOTU at a Republican Party dinner gathering by referring to Liberals, Progressives and Democrats as Socialists and Marxists. Johnson's biggest complaint seems to be that "too many Americans [...] have seized control over American society."

Against that backdrop however, the increasingly poisonous senator's response to the SOTU speech in the video below seems predictable and boring.

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