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Friday, February 15, 2013

Gov. Scott Walker. Is He Evil Or What?

I’m convinced. Scott Walker is one evil scary dude.

If I told you that I thought a food product was deadly poisonous (whether true or not) and issued a public warning stating so, only to later construct a campaign designed to coerce you into eating the product that I consider tainted ...would you say I’m a nice guy? Well, that’s what Gov. Scott Walker has done in his recent switcheroo on Obamacare and Medicaid.

Let me explain. Unless you’re the President, a governor or a member of Congress, it really doesn't matter what your perception of Obamacare is since you would have little power to enact change beyond the ballot box. That's just the way it is for you and I. What really matters is how a governor of a state perceives Obamacare since the program requires some collaboration between the state and federal government. So when a sitting governor insists that Obamacare is an unhealthy prescription and then proceeds to do everything in his power to delay its implementation and injure its potential, only to later claim that forcing people into it ...into something he worked to destabilize and considers unhealthy is because, he cares too much and "wants to empower the people of Wisconsin to control their own destiny" - I think we have a completely delusional mentality if not a downright evil person on our hands.

With Walker, this is nothing new and I posted the "evil" at the risk of sounding over-the-top or as a scaremonger, but those are his words linked above and his actions deliver that perception.

People of Wisconsin ...this isn't mere political gamesmanship or that Walker "got over" on Obama or vice-versa. There are lives hanging in the balance with billions of dollars at stake for the state of Wisconsin. Regardless of your politics ...we've got a serious, serious problem here. This is wrong in the worst ways.


YouTube Video: Robert Kraig, Executive Director of Citizen Action of Wisconsin explains what's wrong with the Walker/Medicaid situation. Highly Recommended.

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