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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Video: Police Harrassment In The Capitol Continues

The lady in the video appears to be doing everything the officers asked her to do. The officers apparently asked her to leave and while she complies, you can hear them saying that they appreciate the cooperation. But when she first attempts to leave the rotunda, one of the officers jumps in front to block her. This is obviously a disgusting harrassment tactic meant to stretch out the fear of the moment to intimidate peaceful law abiding citizens.

The video, originally posted in Facebook is accurately titled, "You should leave, but you can't."

Anyone contemplating visiting the State Of Wisconsin or its capitol should think twice before entering. It's visit at your own risk, at least until the people can restore a government that protects our rights instead of using them against us.


DailyKos - Wisconsin Capitol Police crackdown on post-menopausal sopranoes continues

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