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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Talk To Primary Paul Ryan Erupts After Cliff Vote

I fully expected Paul Ryan to vote 'NO' on the Senate's fiscal cliff deal, BUT only providing that he knew the bill would pass anyways. I felt that there was no way he would want to have his name attached to the federal default if it came down to a close vote, but that more GOP support would allow him to co-opt Tea Party favors by voting "no." He proved me only half-right, but my hunch wrong when he voted in favor of the Senate deal even with better than expected GOP support.

But his "YES" vote shouldn't surprise conservatives who check it against his congressional voting record (TARP, GM bailout, 1st stimulus, etc.) and Ryan has always had the knack to convince his mesmerized sheeple base to stick with him despite consistently voting against long-revered conservative principles.

Even before the vote took place, it was reported that Ryan seemed carelessly detached from the event of the day.

Politicus USA Excerpt:
Dave Weigel described defeated Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan appearing after a House meeting with his iPod ear piece in place, refusing to answer any questions, later telling reporters that he just wanted to get the score. Weigel said they wondered what he meant, since the CBO had already scored the deal. No, not the very serious budget score, silly reporters. The Rose Bowl. This is your top Republican policy wonk.

After the vote, Ryan gave this response...

From CNN's Dan Merica: Rep. Paul Ryan, the House Budget Committee chairman who voted yes on the fiscal cliff deal, told reporters he cast his vote because, "If you want a bill to pass, you should vote for it."

Why did you want it to pass, he was asked. "I am not afraid of anything, I think it needed to pass."

Because? "Because it needed to pass. I wanted to stop a big tax increase," he said.

Ahhhh. I wanted to stop a big tax increase. THAT'S a Good One. In obvious damage control mode, Ryan's most ardent supporters are now calling him "courageous," and get this ... for voting with the marxists! Where have we heard THAT one before?

Still, I wasn't the only one caught by surprise. The entire "new" conservative movement went off the rails soon after hearing about Ryan's cliff vote. Here's just a small sampling...but bring out the popcorn first.

Joe Scarborough: GOP Blew It On Fiscal Cliff Deal. (Video) Paul Ryan is responsible for $11 Trillion in national debt!

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