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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Once Again Paul Ryan Misappropriating Campaign Funds

Media Matters Excerpt:
CBS News political analyst Frank Luntz had a major undisclosed conflict of interest while appearing on the network. While Luntz used his pre-election platform on CBS to praise Rep. Paul Ryan, his consulting firm, Luntz Global LLC, received $40,000 in consulting and polling fees from Rep. Paul Ryan's congressional campaign.

Wow. There's alot wrong there. Once you get past the outrage from the obvious conflict that political analysts and commentators are being paid to promote political candidates and their campaigns on major network news shows without issuing a disclaimer, you'll then have to understand that Paul Ryan is the sort of politician who has to pay to get positive reviews. In this particular case, Frank Luntz was not only paid to attack Joe Biden and promote Ryan for VP on CBS and Cable Fox News, he was paid by Ryan from funds designated for his congressional campaign.

This latest finding by Media Matters appears to be separate and in addition to a complaint filed in October by One Wisconsin Now with the Federal Elections Commission alleging that Ryan has improperly used his Congressional campaign funds to promote the GOP presidential ticket. According to OWN, Ryan purchased $2 million in ads from his Congressional campaign account, but none of the five ads specifically mention he is running for Congress. Just the same, it appears Luntz never referenced Ryan's house race or his challenger, Rob Zerban, during his paid reviews on network news shows.


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