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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cheapshot Breitbart Operator Gets His 15 Minutes

I've now watched four different video clips of the so-called fight that broke out during the Michigan RTW protests between a pro-union protester and a Fox News contributor, Breitbart operator and provocateur, Steven Crowder. There appears to be some conflicting stories.

The video seen on the Hannity Show clearly shows that Crowder's story isn't exactly the same as what transpired on the video. The video begins with Crowder wading into the angry group, mocks them, raises his hands abruptly in close proximity to their faces and then runs home when the heat cranks on. Watch closely however at 1:37 to 1:39 where the man who is seen throwing punches moments later at Crowder was first on the ground.

Afterwards, a different person was shouting “he’s got a gun” and “I’ll kill the ***** with a gun.” Crowder hears that and tells Hannity it was his life that was being threatened by someone with a gun. When indeed the person was provocatively shouting he witnessed someone carrying a gun, possibly anti-union, and that the gun doesn't scare him. So, was Crowder carrying?

Lastly, Steven Crowder admits that he expected to be torn apart by these "violent leftists," but that obviously did not happen. The smirking Crowder also says that had he fought back at the time it would have proved nothing, but yet challenges the guy to a fight in a sanctioned ring. No brains. Just all stupid.

If the video cannot be viewed in your browser from here, go to the NewsHounds Story, Steven Crowder Admits He Went To Michigan Protest To ‘Prove’ Union Thugs ‘For Who They Truly Are’

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