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Thursday, November 01, 2012

Ryan Only Sees Republicans Or Democrats Even On Halloween

Not a big story here at all, but I found this article in the Janesville Gazette somewhat amusing.

JG Excerpt:
Trick-or-treating is an important tradition for the Ryan family. “This is the route I took when I was a kid,” Ryan told the dozen media and campaign workers following him with excitement in his voice. At one house, he pointed to a resident dressed as a ghoul handing out candy. “He’s been doing this for a decade,” he said.

At Sheriff Robert Spoden’s house, Ryan joked: “He’s a Democrat, and we’re actually friends.”

Umm. What's the joke?

Why did he have to say one of his neighbors is a Democrat? While he's out there with his kids, why couldn't he leave the political stagecraft at home? It’s pretty sad that even during a “normal” family activity such as trick-or-treating, Paul Ryan can find an opportunity to politicize friends and neighbors for an advantage by identifying them by their politics.

It never ends for this guy.

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