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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

After Losses, Ryan Targets Form Of Voters. Walker Targets Function

Gov. Scott Walker wasted no time in laying down the second leg of the GOP's voter suppression laws that they expect will catapult their bad candidates and even worse ideas into the win column in the next presidential election. Walker's recent remarks suggesting that "states that have same-day registration have real problems" came a week after Rep. Paul Ryan stated how surprised he was by some of the turnout especially in urban areas, which Ryan claimed gave President Obama the big margin to win the race.

Of course there was no way Walker would chance repeating Ryan's racist "urban" mistake, but there is also no mistake knowing Ryan's surprise centered not only on the form of urban voters, but also on their function of same-day registration.

Judging by Ryan's post-election loss remarks, it becomes obvious that team Romney really believed they would win based on surveys taken of registered voters. But they lost, so the only problem in their eyes must be votes cast by those same-day registrations. They'll double-down on that function, but not on anything to do with their lousy candidates or that their policies suck. Nah, can't be. Hence Walker's coded "states that have same-day registration have real problems" remark.

These two guys, Scott Walker and Paul Ryan, are joined at the hip. That makes it easy for them to watch each other's back.


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