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Friday, October 26, 2012

Video: What Is It With GOP Men and Rape

Paul Ryan's democratic challenger for Congress, Rob Zerban, spliced together this new video highlighting the emerging GOP party platform regarding rape including Paul Ryan and his support for fellow Republicans Todd Akin, Roger Rivard, and Richard Mourdock, all of whom have made similar statements defining rape and conception.

Watch it:

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Mediaite - Mitt Romney-Endorsed Richard ‘God-Intended Rape’ Mourdock Is Actually A Kinder Version Of Paul Ryan.

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Anonymous said...

Not to try to get overly-philosophical about things, but this view the Republicans of today are pushing about economics and capitalism is this arch-libertarian perspective. "Liberty" for the individual is the ideal.
Read your John Locke, the British free trade guru.
Liberty goes to the people that own property. Men are the property owners. They feel they can take whatever "liberties" with women, children, cattle, slaves that they own. That is their right, they say.
When you own something, they think they have complete economic control over their property.
Laws against things like rape only intrude into their personal matters--and we only have the government to blame for that.
These people are perverts. Get them out of public office!

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