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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Republican Legislator And Media Spin Private Family Matter Into Political Weapon

By now I'm sure with all the media coverage that you've heard the story about Wisconsin State Senator Neal Kedzie's son (Sean) involvement in a mid-morning physical altercation that wound up putting him in the hospital.

The altercation supposedly began when Sean was awakened during the night by the commotion of someone attempting to steal his RomneyRyan lawn sign. He went outside and claims to have demanded the person stop and return the sign. The person complied and returned the sign back to where it came from. This is where the story takes a strange twist because Kedzie's son claimed that at that point another person burst out of the darkness and started beating on him.

One blog, the Hungry Guy asks the same questions I'm thinking...

The Hungry Guy Excerpt:
Why would the one assailant politely replace the yard sign? If this was a premeditated attack, would not the focus be on attacking the target? Would the one alleged assailant really take the time for niceties when he is on a serious mission of premeditated violence?

It could be true exactly as Sean Kedzie described but at this point, I have no idea what really happened. This could be campus frat boy mischief that spun out of control and into a fight. For all I know, Sean Kedzie could have been throwing bricks at passing cars.

But what I do know is what I can gather from media reports and I would think there would be some adults in the room, particularly Sean's father, who would work to tamper down the flames of confusion and misinformation since the alleged perpetrators have not been caught. That's what I first thought when I read that the legislator considers this incident a "private family matter."

Fox11 Excerpt:
"As this was a private family matter, we chose not to remark publicly about it and allow law enforcement to do their job. But we understand these types of incidents will eventually become public and questions will arise, particularly in my position as a state legislator

Yeah right. That ended pretty quick as Kedzie immediately took the low road and turned this "family matter" into a full blown media campaign against his political opponents.

No question, Wisconsin has become a state of suspicion, cynicism and hate ever since Gov. Scott Walker admitted he thought about planting troublemakers among the thousands of peaceful constituents protesting in Madison last year. We know this kind of toxic thinking trickles down from the top and sets the tone for the rest of the state. If we can't trust our own governor, why should we trust Kedzie, his son or what anyone has to say? When our own governor inspires our friends, family and neighbors to divide and fight, we would be careless to not put anything past the republican party in their drive to work everything for a political advantage.

We now know Kedzie is no different.

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