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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Today's Congress Is Not The Right Framework To Debate Ryan's Extreme Budget

Much has already been written about VP-candidate Paul Ryan's weekend interview with George Stephanpoulos where Stephanopoulos caught Ryan trying to pull a "Ron Johnson" about the details of his budget plans. You'll remember Ron Johnson once said he won't reveal the details of his plans until after he wins election. Nobody to this day knows what Ron Johnson represents or what his plans are ...heck, he doesn't even know what his plans are. But Johnson won the election in Wisconsin and that's a winning strategy worth repeating according to Ryan. So it does appear Ryan has taken on the same convention of telling voters to just "trust me" now and wait until after the election to see his real plans.

But there's an added twist to Ryan's narrative. He injects lofty platitudes into his argument to divert away from offering any of the details like "we want to have this debate in public" and we want, "to do this with the consent of the elected representatives of the people" AS IF they don't have that framework right now. They absolutely do - it's called Congress.

Of course Ryan is not proposing to change the procedural structure or constitutional powers of congress. But what Ryan really wants, as noted by the Democurmudgeon, is one-party rule to give them the power to "pass the unpassable."

Ryan won't say where the cuts are, Watch it:

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