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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Remember Scott Walker's Governor's Journal Award?

Remember all the hoopla over Scott Walker winning the "Governor of the Year" award from something called the Governors Journal?

Believe it or not, soon after Scott Walker won re-election on June 5th, the "Journal" folded up even faster than TV4US did after the AT&T lobbied Video Competition Act passed in Wisconsin. Go ahead, Google Governors Journal. It's gone.

You might remember the Governors Journal. Its only "employee" was some dude by the name of Dean Pagani. It had no board of directors and no staff. Basically, it was a one-person one-page blog that suddenly sprang up out of nowhere and started giving awards out. Wow, big deal right?

I didn't care much about the Governors Journal back then either, but I warned my readers about it because that's what I do. That however didn't stop Walker's media stooges around Wisconsin from promoting the faux award.

Back in January of this year, the Janesville Gazette Championed The Governors Journal Faux Award with an editorial in which the newspaper made no effort to expose the disinformation of the Web Site and its empty award for the cheap trick GOP "crisis publishing" gimmick that it was. That's what a real newspaper would do. Instead, the Gazette expounded upon, defended and distributed its distortions, cover-ups and false equivalencies in order to save Walker's miserable career. Hey, they're professionals and worked!

Unfortunately, it worked because enough people believed the lies and distortions and still believe them to this day. Let's face it, these shamsters wouldn't be setting up faux information web sites if they didn't work but more importantly, these flim-flammers would be nowhere without broken-trust media outlets like the Janesville Gazette legitimatizing their fakery.

It leads me to wonder whether all the right-wing media nutjob operators have some sort of code and format to follow when they want to legitimatize these fly-by-night sham operations. It comes easy for me I suppose, my common sense is my code. But if everyday common sense told me that Governors Journal was phony, what is it exactly that the Janesville Gazette is selling? Why are people still buying it?


Anonymous said...

"Dean Pagani Director of Communications at Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison(TX)"

"Dean Pagani, former Connecticut communications guy, started a new job today. Dean, who has been living in D.C. for the past two years, is now Director of Communications for U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Texas). This marks the end of his popular website Governors Journal,..."

Lou Kaye said...

I've always found those kind of "success" stories truly amazing. They win "jobs" for senators as reward for their trash. It should tell us where our so-called leader's values are headed.

Anonymous said...

Pagani wrote an oped which was published as October 13, 2008. It begins

"We have been asked to believe a lot during the 2008 campaign for president, but perhaps the most outrageous request came from John McCain when he asked us to believe that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is the best choice for vice president. "

Also, too, Kay Bailey Hutchison.

" It's not like there weren't other choices: Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas, former New Jersey Gov. Christine Whitman, Condoleezza Rice, Sen. Elizabeth Dole, former Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge, and the entire list of also rans from this year's Republican primary contest. Any one of them is more qualified."

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