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Friday, September 14, 2012

Help Flush Paul Ryan Out Into The Field Of Open Debate

Was Eastwood’s Empty Chair Routine A Warm-up For the Ryan-Zerban Debates?

Do you remember when Paul Ryan said how badly he wants to “flush progressives out into the field of open debate?” Or on the campaign trail more recently, he repeatedly states in broader terms how “We want this debate. We need this debate. And we will win this debate.”

Well, now is your chance Congressman Ryan. This is the opportunity you have been waiting for.

According to this article, your Democratic challenger, Rob Zerban, has accepted invitations to two debates and so far there has been no response from you. Why is that?

And doesn't it only figure that after all of Ryan's apparently hollow and blusterous talk about "flushing progressives out into the field of open debate," we are left practically begging him to do so? Ryan doesn't do anything unless it can be worked to his political advantage so I think I'd even let him co-opt my feelings by claiming how it runs against his principles, but that he'd do it for the sake of his constituents. If that makes any sense.

So where are you Congressman Ryan? Now is not the time to run and hide.

Readers!! Please sign this petition to help flush Paul Ryan out into the field of open debate. He not only owes these debates to his challenger but also to his district constituents.

Ryan talks about flushing progressives out into the field of open debate. Listen in:


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