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Monday, August 06, 2012

NRA State Law Protects CC License Verification Of Killers

Trying to cast some light into the dark shadows of the Oak Creek Temple gun violence will be difficult for inquiring Wisconsin residents. You see, under current Concealed-Carry laws lobbied for by the NRA and signed into law by Scott Walker, law enforcement authorities are prohibited from saying whether Wade Michael Page, the Temple killer, possessed a state concealed carry permit or not.

The NRA simply won't allow it...

Sunshine Week Excerpt:
...making sure concealed carry permit holders are abiding the law isn't a job for the public. "That's the function of law enforcement," said Andrew Arulanandam, director of public affairs for the NRA. "There's no need for these people to have their privacy compromised. Anyone who makes any other argument is not being honest."

After years of telling folks to never trust government, the NRA is now promoting, "trust the government, the public has no need to know?"

Sorry, it's time to put the state's CC license data base online. The public should have the right to know, particularly in cases after the fact, whether crimes with guns are being committed by people with CC permits or not. I'd say, "lets's be honest, what are YOU trying to hide?"


Anonymous said...

What are you trying to hide? Trying to hide a list of gun owners being made public. One big way criminals get guns, is to steal them. What better way then to wait down the block for a gun owner to leave for work and leave his/her house unoccupied?

Lou Kaye said...

There are many states that post their gun licenses online and I have yet to hear about criminals using the data base in a "big way" to break into homes to steal handguns. Secondly, the minimum information I'm asking for is "after the fact" of a person using a gun in a major crime such as the Oak Creek event. The public deserves the right to know whether the shooter had a state CC permit.

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